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Paint Protection


Many people are familiar with carnauba wax and more polymer sealants as a means of protecting their paintwork.

Unlike a wax or sealant, GYEON Ceramic Coating adds a measurable 3µm thickness of condensed SiO2 nano particles with a proprietary bonding agent to create a ceramic quartz coating, with durability measured in years to protect your vehicle's paintwork.

Put simply, it is an advanced paint protection system that is a structurally dense coating that provides outstanding levels of gloss, an element of scratch resistance, a strong self cleaning ability (due to its hydrophobic properties), harmful UV radiation protection and resistance to chemicals, with durability expected at 60 months with the correct maintenance.

YEAR 2013

Since 2013, MintGroom is proud to be the official #GYEON Certified Detailer in Singapore which gives us the opportunity to work with advanced and professional ceramic coating systems such as Q² DuraFlex.

For the past 9 years, we have demonstrated not only our technical ability, but also our commitment to providing outstanding automotive care and protection.


All of our paint protection services are professionally performed by our Certified MintGroom Detailers. This allows your vehicle to achieve optimum protection coverage in accordance with our stringent standards.

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Paint Protection Services

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