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Anti- Pest Interior 👍 

Even if you love every creature on this green-blue planet, you’d have to admit that cockroaches, ants and spiders, and other creepy crawlies aren’t the most pleasant thing to have living in your car.

If you let them bunker down long enough, they can end up with an infestation and potentially damage your vehicle. So you really want to keep these pests where they belong – in their own natural environment, outside your vehicle.



Process: 4 to 8 hours downtime

Anti-Pest Fumigation | MintGroom
Anti Pest Car Interior Detailing | MintGroom
Cockroach Removal Car Interior | MintGroom

Small Size Vehicles

SGD $328

Medium Size Vehicles

SGD $398

Large Size Vehicles
(SUV / MPV / Exotic)

SGD $468

Here is what we will do:

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