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Detailing Kingdom Solid S2

The SOLID S2 was developed for extreme water spot resistance.

Main characteristics:

  • High Heat Chemical/Heat Resistant

  • Extreme water spot resistance

  • Fast Curing

What are the benefits of SOLID S2 on your vehicle? There are two main properties:–

  • It is a unique Silicone resin that reacts rapidly through hydrolysis to become a solid resin with super hardness that have about 25 μm (micrometer) in layer thickness. It can withstand nearly 200 Celsius in heat when exposed, thus reducing the possibility of water spots occurring.

  • It also reacts as a Siloxane that serves as an organo-functional group in an omega position that results in low surface tension and high chemical stability protection on your paintwork.

With the above characteristics, SOLID S2 produces the following effects:

Superoleophobic simply means it is a phenomenon where the contact angles of various water or oil droplets with low surface tension on a solid surface are larger than 150°.


Superhydrophobic or Ultrahydrophobic surfaces are highly hydrophobic which is extremely difficult to cause a wet surface. The contact angle of a water droplet on an ultrahydrophobic material exceeds 150°. This is also with reference to as the lotus effect, after the superhydrophobic leaves of the lotus plant.

Superamphiphobicity is an effect where the roughness of a surface and a surface chemistry combine to generate both superhydrophobic and superoleophobic, which is contact angles (θCA) greater than 150° together with low contact angle hysteresis (CAH) not only towards probing water but also for low-surface-tension surfaces.

Process: up to 72 hours downtime

Detailing Kingdom Solid S2 | MintGroom
Detailing Kingdom Solid S2 | MintGroom
Detailing Kingdom Solid S2 | MintGroom

Small Size Vehicles

SGD $3,500

Medium Size Vehicles

SGD $3,900

Large Size Vehicles
(SUV / MPV / Exotic)

SGD $4,200

Here is what we will do:

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating | MintGroom
Ceramic Coating | MintGroom
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