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Paint Protection Film


We, as the MintGroom team are committed to protecting your vehicle to a standard that is currently unparalleled among our competitors. Paint Protection Films are clear polyurethane films that are professionally applied to your vehicle's paintwork. They protect them from stone chips, scratches or swirls caused by improper washing, bird / bug droppings and other environmental factors.



Our pre-cut films are of the highest accuracy via in-house designed patterns through specialised CAD software. Our PPF installers have the eye for detail as well as the constant quest for raising the bar in standards which has helped us be where we are today.

Paint protection film is not difficult to apply, but achieving the highest degree of installation accuracy in order to be almost entirely invisible is not easy to achieve. The ethos behind our system is to have the strength and flexibility of PPF but also maintain the flawless shine that MintGroom has always been known for, and this is the most tedious part.

The film's self-healing properties, light scratches or swirl marks can easily be removed with the help of a heat gun or hot water. Best of all, the design, fit and appearance of our modern films actually serve to enhance the look of your car while protecting your investment.

High-gloss Protection Film | MintGroom
Matte Protection Film | MintGroom
Paint Protection Film | MintGroom

Paint Protection Film Packages

High-gloss Film
A vibrant shine that will keep it looking showroom-ready for a long time.
Matte Film
Give your vehicle a unique frosted look that makes it stand out from the crowd.
What is covered?

This is our most popular and entry level Paint Protection Film Package. It covers the high impact frontal areas which include: Complete front bumper, complete front wings, complete bonnet, headlights and wing mirror backs.

Service Duration

48 to 72 hours downtime

Prices ranging from SGD $1,400
Full Front Kit | MintGroom

Our Past Works

5 Years Limited Warranty

  • 1. Decontaminating wheels
    Always, always start with the wheels as they are the grubbiest area of the car that will require a thorough pre-soak. Using Q²M Iron that is a fast acting and very powerful iron remover that will chemically break down the contaminants build up in the wheels.
  • 2. Pre-Wash using GYEON Q²M Foam
    Designed to encapsulate and begin to break down as much loose dirt and contaminants as possible so that it can be removed from the paint surface before we physically touch it with a wash mitt. This will help reduce swirl marks and wash-induced marring by allowing less loose dirt to be moved over the paint surface when washing.
  • 3. The All-Important Two-Bucket Method Contact Wash
    Wash the car using the two-bucket wash method with GYEON Q²M Bathe. With its high lubrication, Q²M Bathe is a powerful detergent. The strength of this product shows up in how well it lubricates the interaction between the wash mitt and the paint. A highly lubricated wash soap like Q²M Smoothie and a high quality wash mitt will reduce the possibility of swirl marks.
  • 4. Drying-Wash
    Starting at the top of the vehicle and working our way down and tackling it panel by panel with GYEON Q²M Silk Dryer with its unique synthetic fibres absorbing impressive amounts of water with fineness. A key feature of this product is that it glides smoothly over the paintwork, ensuring a scratch-free and smudge-free drying process for even the softest paintwork.
  • 5. Basic Interior Cleaning + Tyre Shine
    For complete dirt removal, we use a bristle-free upholstery attachment and vacuum cleaner on the mats as well as the entire carpeted surface. We will run the same apparatus over the carpet again so that we can agitate it in back-and-forth strokes. This will loosen the dirt and remove any debris deeper inside the carpet surface. We will then use a fresh microfibre towel to wipe down all vinyl and plastic surfaces to eliminate dust buildup. Wipe down the dash panels, door panels, steering wheel cover, glove box and central console. Afterwards, we remove oily residue from glass surfaces using Q²M Glass to leave a smudge-free finish. Q² Tire is brilliantly efficient at repelling dirt and is a product that can last at least a couple of washes.
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