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Vomit / Spillage Removal 👍

Many drivers have had the misfortune of having somebody vomit or spill soup / drinks in their car. Whether it’s a passenger who has had too much to drink, or somebody who suffers from motion sickness, an unwell baby, or even a sick pet and the smell is always overpowering.

We’ve got your back and can help you reclaim your ride from those stains and smells. Our professional cleanup bio-removal services utilise special processes and safety requirements designed to eliminate odours, stains, biohazard substances, and other body fluids from your interior.



Process: 4 to 60 hours downtime

Prices ranging from SGD $250

Vomit Car Cleaning | MintGroom

Before              After

Spillage Car Cleaning | MintGroom
Vomit Car Cleaning | MintGroom

Before              After

Here is what we will do:

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