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Interior Detailing


We are committed to keeping you and your family safe during this ever-changing health crisis.

In order to combat the spread of COVID-19, we seek out the best antibacterial products possible. This process includes disinfecting highly-touch areas such as door handles, steering wheels, gearshifts and key fobs.

The disinfectant solution is a family friendly, non-allergenic, hospital-grade sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs on contact. That concludes of UV photocatalytic Oxidation Green Technology to remove and prevent the return of germs, bacteria and allergens - same process used in hospital, hotels and gyms to eliminate organic matter buildup.


  • The average car interior is 9X dirtier than a public restroom.

  • There are approximately 283 types of bacteria in your car.

  • Your dashboard is as dirty as a toilet seat.

  • Your gearshift, dashboard, cup holder, and spare change compartment are the common germs build-up areas.

Interior Detailing | MintGroom
Interior Detailing | MintGroom
Interior Detailing | MintGroom


Interior Detailing Services

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