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Premium Car Wash

Our Premium Car Wash is more than just a quick water wash. We use GYEON Q²M Bathe shampoo that is a quality pH neutral car wash coupled with Q²M Smoothie that is dedicated to car washing for its softness and equally, its ability to absorb pollutants.


  • It has good cleaning power to dissolve dirt easily, but is gentle enough not to affect coatings or sealants.

  • pH neutral it also ensures that delicate finishes such as nickel/chrome plated or highly polished elements remain pristine.

It also comes with basic interior cleaning which includes vacuuming and cleaning the centre compartment, door panel and dashboard and inner glass.

Process: 90 to 150 minutes downtime

Premium Car Wash | MintGroom
Premium Car Wash | MintGroom
Premium Car Wash | MintGroom

Small Size Vehicles

SGD $68

Medium Size Vehicles

SGD $78

Large Size Vehicles
(SUV / MPV / Exotic)

SGD $88

Here is what we will do:

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