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TINGE Window Tinting Films

Upgrade your driving experience with our premium TINGE Tinting Films. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our films offer a range of benefits to enhance your comfort, style, and safety on the road. Our TINGE Tinting Films provide advanced UV protection, which helps protect your skin and eyes from harmful rays while reducing the risk of interior fading and discoloration.

With the three series of TINGE Tinting Films we offer, you'll be able to achieve the style and privacy you desire, as well as meeting the safety specifications of the LTA. 

With its durability and long-term design, our films provide a practical and affordable solution for upgrading the appearance and functionality of your car. 

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Tinted Window Service.jpg
Tinted Window Service.jpg

75% Front Windshield + Front Side Door Windows
35% Rear Windshield + Rear Side Door Windows

IR Rejection: 80% | UV Rejection: 99%

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Developed with a patented formula, the TINGE 90 series is a carbon-ceramic film that outperforms competitor standards for optimal film performance. The nano-encapsulated ceramic particles provide long-term durability and outstanding heat rejection, while the nano-scaled carbon particles maintain top-notch colour stability without sacrificing clarity.

Simply put, it's the perfect combination of privacy enhancement, protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, safeguarding your car's interior, and increasing its performance. The quality of your comfort is just as important as the quality of your protection from harmful UV rays.

In comparison to dyed films on the market, our TINGE 90 film provides superior clarity, heat rejection, durability, and colour stability. You can now drive under the sun for longer periods of time and stay cooler with its 99% UV rejection. A nearly-consistent tint will be available throughout the life of your vehicle with the TINGE 90 series.

(Front & Back Windscreens, Front & Back Windows)

SGD $388*

Small / Medium Vehicles

SGD $428*

Large / Exotic Vehicles

*Price may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle upon assessment. Promotional pricing available for a limited time only.

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