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TINGE Window Tinting Films

Upgrade your driving experience with our premium TINGE Tinting Films. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our films offer a range of benefits to enhance your comfort, style, and safety on the road. Our TINGE Tinting Films provide advanced UV protection, which helps protect your skin and eyes from harmful rays while reducing the risk of interior fading and discoloration.

With the three series of TINGE Tinting Films we offer, you'll be able to achieve the style and privacy you desire, as well as meeting the safety specifications of the LTA. 

With its durability and long-term design, our films provide a practical and affordable solution for upgrading the appearance and functionality of your car. 

Window Tinting Film | MintGroom

85% Front Windshield + Front Side Door Windows
35% Rear Windshield + Rear Side Door Windows

IR Rejection: 86% | UV Rejection: 99%

Warranty Period: 3 Years

In the TINGE 80 series, timeless raw materials are combined with nanotechnology to create a tinting film with unmatched performance qualities. In addition, TINGE 80 premium technology absorbs energy from the sun rather than reflecting light and radio waves. With that, you'll have a cooler interior that will last a long time.

Your car's interior is protected while staying cooler and more comfortable with a TINGE 80 tinting film that is virtually undetectable on your windows.
(Front & Back Windscreens, Front & Back Windows)

Small Size Vehicles

SGD $700

Medium Size Vehicles

SGD $820

Large Size Vehicles
(SUV / MPV / Exotic)

SGD $940
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