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8 Tips For How To Wash A Car With PPF And Ceramic Coating (Maintaining it for long term) #Singapore

Caring for a vehicle with Paint Protection Film (PPF) or a ceramic coating requires specific washing techniques to maintain their longevity and effectiveness. Here are some essential principles to follow:

Maintaining PPF and Ceramic Coating For Car paintwork
Maintaining PPF and Ceramic Coating For Car paintwork

8 Car Wash Principles for Vehicles with Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating

  1. Do Not Wash Your Vehicle Within 7 Days of Application Allow the PPF or ceramic coating sufficient time to cure fully. Washing or agitating the surface too soon can inhibit this curing process and reduce the effectiveness of the protection.

  2. Stay Away from Film Edges When Using a Pressure Washer When using a pressure washer, maintain a distance of 8-12 inches from the vehicle to prevent lifting the edges of the PPF. High-pressure water can get under the film edges and cause them to lift. This principle also applies when using powerful air-moving equipment.

  3. Immediately Remove Any Bird Dropping, Bug Splatter, or Tree Sap Both PPF and ceramic coatings can be damaged by acidic contaminants. Keep a quick detailer in your car and blot contaminants instead of wiping to minimize swirls and scratches.

  4. Don’t Wipe Your Film or Coating When It Is Dry Always ensure the surface is hydrated before wiping to prevent scratching the protective layer.

  5. Utilize a Premium Sealant if the Film Is Not Covered with a Ceramic Coating For maximum protection, apply a ceramic coating over the PPF. If not, use a premium protective sealant but avoid wax, as it can build up along the film edges and become unsightly.

  6. Do Not Use Aggressive Force or Aggressive Chemicals Be gentle with PPF and ceramic coatings, just as you would with factory paint. Avoid using aggressive chemicals like bug and tar removers as they can damage the protective layer.

  7. Don’t Use a Powered Buffer on Paint Protection Film Using a powered buffer on PPF can cause damage. Always use appropriate, gentle methods to care for your vehicle.

  8. Do not apply Wax paste onto the film and ceramic coating. As Wax paste my contain abrasive fillings that will affect the performance of the PPF and ceramic coating on the car paintwork.

10 Principles Behind Proper Car Washing Technique

  1. Wash Your Vehicle Regularly Regular washing is essential even with PPF or a ceramic coating to maintain the protective layer and keep the vehicle looking its best.

  2. Don’t Wash Your Vehicle in Direct Sunlight or While the Paint Is Hot Washing in direct sunlight can cause water to evaporate quickly, leading to water spots. Heat can also reduce the effectiveness of car wash chemicals.

  3. Use a Premium Wash Media Choose a high-quality microfiber mitt or another premium wash media. Ensure it is always clean before use to prevent scratching the vehicle.

  4. Use a Dedicated Car Wash Product Use products specifically designed for car washing, as household cleaners can damage the finish.

  5. Start with the Wheels Clean the wheels first since they are often the dirtiest part of the vehicle, preventing dirt from transferring to the painted surfaces.

  6. Rinse Your Vehicle Thoroughly Remove as much debris as possible before using a wash mitt to reduce the risk of trapping debris under the mitt and causing swirl marks.

  7. Use the Two-Bucket Method Use one bucket for the car wash soap and another for rinse water. Rinse the mitt in the clean water before dipping it back into the soap to avoid reintroducing dirt to the vehicle.

  8. Thoroughly Wash and Rinse One Section at a Time This approach reduces the risk of debris being caught in your mitt and causing scratches.

  9. Don’t Let Your Vehicle Air Dry Use a waffle-weave towel or an air blower to dry your vehicle to prevent water spots. Air drying can lead to spots that are difficult to remove.

  10. Don’t Go to an Automated Car Wash Automatic car washes can cause swirl marks or deep scratches and may also lead to chemical stains if there’s a failure in their chemical delivery systems.

Following these principles ensures that your vehicle's PPF or ceramic coating remains in excellent condition, providing maximum protection and maintaining the vehicle's appearance.


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