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Cockroaches/Insects in Car Interior Cabin? We can solve it for you today! +65 81383125

Being in the car grooming industry for more than 5 years. - we had seen more than cockroaches in the car interior cabin than you (probably/maybe) seen in your whole life.

Eating or Drinking or Parking near dustbin or Outdoor sometimes even might be the reason to contribute why there is unwanted cockroaches/insects inside your car interior cabin. Sometimes you do not see it, maybe sometimes you see it but unfortunately you are not fast or maybe afraid (like me sometimes) to even catch it! But do not worry - I am not the one doing the Fumigation in the interior cabin for you as I am just an author :P MintGroom Professional Detailers with more than 5 years will solve the interior cabin problems for you without any doubts.

Next, we will attached pictures of Jaguar F-Pace infested with cockroaches, of course you can zoom in to see the cockroaches if you want. (But I highly suggest maybe not).

By the time we are done with Fumigation - the unwanted insects are all dead inside and maybe some barely even alive. We wear proper gloves and masks with pickers to pick up the cockroaches to dispose it properly.

P.S. Your Baygon or cockroaches traps will not work as fast/effective as our Fumigator set. (Tested and proven). Take Note - none of the chemicals used serves any potential damage to the driver/passengers/kids or even the elderly. We have been serving more than 500 customers for interior fumigation (So please do not worry).

We of course solve the scratches of the car door as attached below (It happens when the customer is driving and sees the cockroach in the car thus sliding lightly against the wall unfortunately).

Before -

After - SOLVED!

Dont let it happen to you next or be the next victim -

Call/Text/Whatsapp - +65 81383125.

MintGroom Car Detailing

Millenia Walk Carpark Basement 1 (Yellow Zone). S039596

Enter thru the pullman bakery./toast box entrance.


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