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Puke/Vomit/Soup/Shit Spill or Stains? Call MintGroom Car Detailing to the Rescue! +65 81383125.

A great example of Puke Stains as attached in the picture below (Unable to reach interior cabin where the passenger seats are blocking).

It is unfortunate when such incidents happens - but we at MintGroom stay dedicated to help you solve any problems (if any) and we will proceed to remove the seats carefully without affecting any cables/plugs or the automated seats.

Then we proceed with our professional steam cleaning and wet water extraction technology to penetrate into the cushion area to remove all Puke stains/smell or anything that is unbearable to you and your passengers in the interior cabin.

P.S. Problem Solved within 4-5 hours Downtime.

Dont believe? We actually do followed up with all our customers the next day whenever a detailing service being done with us. Here's a screenshot of the customer response -

Save our number, you may need it when it happens. +65 81383125

MintGroom Car Detailing.

Millenia Walk Carpark Basement 1 (Yellow Zone). S039596.

Enter through the pullman bakery/toast box entrance.


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