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Polish + Premium Sealant Protection

This is our paint correction process that removes imperfections including swirls / scratches in the clear-coat / topcoat of the paintwork.

Results in an 80% to 90% ‘correction factor’, however it does not remove any scratches that have penetrated all the way through the paintwork. 

Includes a thorough rejuvenation of metal elements such as exhaust tips, door shuts, light and air clusters.

The process is designed to bring out the best of a car, getting the life back into the paintwork and looking as new as it possibly could.


Process: up to 48 hours downtime

Polishing + Sealant Protection | MintGroom
Before & After Polishing | MintGroom

After              Before

Polishing + Premium Sealant Protection | MintGroom

Small Size Vehicles

SGD $488

Medium Size Vehicles

SGD $558

Large Size Vehicles
(SUV / MPV / Exotic)

SGD $628

Here is what we will do:

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