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#GYEON Infinite Paint Protection Ceramic Coating Singapore

✨It’s the perfect blend of style and sophistication, making this GLB 35 a true head-turner. 💚✨

Paint Correction: We started by meticulously correcting the paint to eliminate any imperfections. Every scratch, swirl mark, and blemish was polished away to reveal a smooth and perfect surface. 🛠️

+ GYEON Infinite Paint Protection Coating: To ensure long-lasting shine and protection, we applied the GYEON Infinite Paint Protection Coating. This top-of-the-line coating offers unparalleled durability, keeping the GLB 35 looking pristine and glossy. 🛡️

Millenia Walk Carpark Basement 1 (Yellow Pillar). S039596

Contact - +65 81383125

Open Daily 9am to 6pm. Except PH.


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