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Car Chrome Delete (#DeChrome) with High Gloss Black. #Singapore

Chrome delete (#Dechrome) is a service covers up the chrome accents surrounding your vehicle.

We can wrap any visible piece of chrome to give your car the sleekest black accents. Covering up any existing stubborn watermarks/scratches etc.

High Gloss Piano Black | Matte Black available for options.

Enquire with us at +65 8138-3125 for a free quote.


Before (High Gloss Piano Black) - Handlebar

After (High Gloss Piano Black) - Handlebar


Before (High Gloss Piano Black) - Roof Handle

After (High Gloss Piano Black) - Roof Handle

Before (High Gloss Piano Black) - Roof Handle

After (High Gloss Piano Black) - Roof Handle


Before (High Gloss Piano Black) - Spoiler

After (High Gloss Piano Black) - Spoiler

It's all about the finer details. Meticulously crafted, it's a symbol of precision and style.


Matt Black Chrome Delete (#Dechrome)


MintGroom Car Detailing

+65 8138-3125

Millenia Walk Carpark Basement 1 (Yellow Zone). S039596.

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